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Selangor Islamic Arts Park Complex

The Selangor Islāmic Arts Park Complex in Shah Alam has become the latest tourist attraction in the state of Selangor. The complex serves as the place for the production, exhibition and development of local Islamic arts and cultures.

Built on a 14 hectares site belonging to the Selangor state government, the complex is located near the Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque and MAIS complex. It is currently managed by the Restu Foundation, a non-profit organisation who is responsible for the preservation and cultivation of Islamic arts in the state.

With easy access from the main road, the complex dedicated to the production, exhibition and development of local Islamic arts, is expected to attract both local and foreign visitors. The two-storey honey-combed structure building houses nine galleries, a lecture hall, children’s centre and various activity rooms. The Main gallery displays the body of work associated with the production of the Malaysian mushaf of Al-Quran. Visitors to the gallery will also be able to see the original manuscript of the Quran, which is insured for more than RM20mil.

The second gallery is mainly devoted to the Nur Fatimah mushaf, the first hand-copied edition of the Quran in the world to ever be compiled by women. In addition to calligraphy, other forms of Islāmic arts on display are sculptures, carvings, paintings and architecture.

As part of the main activities in the complex, the foundation has been actively doing research in determining and adapting local designs that could be used in decorating hand-copied Malaysian mushaf of the Quran. The design team has adapted their motive designs from symbols and artefacts which have collected throughout the country. Currently, there are about 300 varieties of designs and symbols and artefacts from all the states.

Unlike most museums or arts centre, the complex is always abuzz with activities such as conducting its ongoing Quran writing classes to enable more Muslims to master the skill.

Other organizations and members of the public will also be able to use the complex’s facilities such as classrooms, auditorium and resource centre to hold talks, seminars and other events.

The complex is open to the public from Tuesdays to Fridays from 10am to 6pm. Admission is free.

Phone: +603-5511 9001
Address: No. 2A Persiaran Damai, Seksyen 10 ,Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia
Directions: Directly opposite the road fronting the Blue Mosque

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