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Shah Alam Walk

Shah Alam Walk is stretching over Jalan Majlis and Jalan Institusi in Shah Alam which covers approximately 0.3 square kilometres. It has become the city landmark since 2004 when the city council had decided to spruce up the whole area with beautiful landscape and well-maintained fountains around the area.

Shah Alam walk is covering three major Shopping Complexes in Shah Alam namely, Plaza Alam Central, SACC Mall and PKNS Complex. Pedestrian along the walkway will easily be  amazed by the beautiful landscape and fountains along the way.

The place is also considered as a central business district for the city of Shah Alam which consists of Banks, private and government offices, Shopping centres and favourite local restaurants. Shah Alam walk is directly linked with Dataran Shah Alam and other favourite retreats such as the Lake Gardens, Laman Budaya and Galery Shah Alam.

Shah Alam Walk has become the popular place  among the local residence and visitors who patronise the area either for meeting people, shopping, for working, eating out or simply for leisure.

For safety purposes, the whole area has been equipped with CCTV system which is directly linked to Shah Alam Police Station for monitoring purposes.

Since the opening, Shah Alam Walk has become one of the popular landmarks in the city centre.

Visitors who come with own vehicles are advised to park their vehicles inside one of the shopping complexes and avoid parking their vehicles along the roadsides in order not to risk their vehicles being towed away by the local authority. Other public transportation such as buses and taxis could easily be found around the area.

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